Flying Fish will Offer You the Best Seafood in Memphis


Undoubtedly one of the best seafood restaurants in Memphis, Flying Fish offers a selection of fish, shellfish, and specialty dishes to satisfy any appetite. The restaurant has a laid-back atmosphere, and delicious margaritas and beer are served all day long to keep you in good spirits. The menu at Flying Fish includes starters such as shrimp cocktail and … [Read more...]

Become a Music Star at School of Rock Memphis


If you've ever dreamed of becoming a rock star or popular musician, you should look into enrolling in adult music lessons in Memphis at the School of Rock. The School of Rock Memphis has now scheduled an adult program where you can learn guitar, drums, bass, keys, or vocals. You'll be taught by professional musicians at School of Rock and it doesn't … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Cat from Nipping at Your Ankles


It’s a misconception that cats cannot be trained. It takes patience and consistency, but you can teach your cat to stop nipping at your ankles. This is important if you're thinking of living in a pet-friendly apartments in Memphis. It is a common form of aggressive play when kittens or cats bite your ankles. Though most cats outgrow this behavior as … [Read more...]

View a Variety of Aquatic Creatures at MemFish

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Looking to see what the ocean has to offer? There's no need to leave Memphis to see some amazing aquatic creatures. Memfish is a full service fish store with the appeal of a large aquarium! It's one of the best aquarium stores in Memphis. You don't have to be a fish enthusiast to enjoy a little time at Memfish learning about the under water world. Owner … [Read more...]

Experience the Best in Memphis Coffee at Cafe Eclectic


Living at The Summit Apartments gives you luxury and premium location for dining and shopping. You can scout the best coffee shops in Memphis to find that special place that you hold close to your heart. Cafe Eclectic, with locations in Midtown, Highland, and HarborTown, offers a modern artisan setting where delicious recipes are created from … [Read more...]