Find Your Jam at Yarbrough’s Music


Everyone knows that Memphis is famous for having some of the best food in the nation. A part of our legacy is also being the birthplace of Rock and Roll and the home of the Blues. We are proud to uphold the tradition of being a musical city. Yarbrough's music stores in Memphis is now celebrating 40 years of serving our community. Yarbrough's is a place … [Read more...]

How to Decorate with Mason Jars for Fall


Decorating with mason jars for fall is a fun activity that brings a touch to the season to your home. Check out a few fabulous ideas to get you started: Fall Tree "Snow Globes": Use a sturdy twig and a few colorful leaves to create a fall-themed "snow" globe! Friends and family will love them. Caramel Apple in a Jar: Provide all the yummy ingredients … [Read more...]

Leave Your Furry Friend with Bartlett Pet Sitters


There are times when we go on vacation or have to travel for business when we can’t bring our furry friends along for the adventure. In fact, this may be the case for you as you travel through the holidays. Fortunately, we know one of the best businesses offering pet sitting in Memphis. The friendly staff at Bartlett Pet Sitters will take care of your … [Read more...]

Keep Healthy on Our Summit Volleyball Court


Volleyball is an energetic game that provides plenty of health benefits. You're always moving, ducking, and diving for the ball. Playing a few games per week around our Memphis apartments with a volleyball court is a great way to get in shape. Here's a look at a few of the many benefits you can expect from playing volleyball: Improved Cardiovascular … [Read more...]

Spend Your Thanksgiving in Memphis

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Will you be spending Thanksgiving in Memphis? Whether you will be hosting family or friends or are just looking for an alternative way to spend the holiday, we have a few suggestions of ways you can enjoy Thanksgiving in Memphis without traveling too far from your Summit Apartment. We have come up with several ideas to help make your holiday a great … [Read more...]